Student Climbing


15% student discount on the BRATTKORTKURS (belay course)

In order to prepare for the belay test, you can climb in our gym and rent equipment the following 14 days after the belay course for free. 

The discount applies for both, the lead and toprope course.  Lead+Topprope=Brattkortkurs.

The topptaukurs (toprope course) gives you the competence to belay on toprope. With the ledkurs (lead course) you can belay a lead climber. Hence, you can split the Brattkortkurs in two courses if you don’t want to do it on two consecutive days.

  • Brattkortkurs 1275 kr.
  • Topptaukurs 638 kr.
  • Ledkurs 638 kr.

Just sign up at our reception and read more *here. 

You can find the membership and daypass prices for students here!

All of our memberships can be frozen for 2 months during the year.

In order to make use of the student discount you need a valid student identity card or proof of the paid semester fee.