Personal Climbing Trainer

Personal Climbing Trainer

Our Personal Trainers

A personal climbing trainer can guide you in bouldering, rope climbing, climbing technique, climbing specific strength-training, injury prevention and more.

Regardless of your goals or experiences, a personal climbing trainer can help you to make climbing and training for climbing more fun and effective.

Our personal trainers have high expertise and can give you professional, individualized advice based on your needs, abilities and wishes.  

If you are curious and would like to have a chat with one of our personal trainers just send an e-mail to klatrept@mø or directly to our trainers.

Personal training – 55 min

Price per klipp

total price

3 klipp

700 kr

2100 kr

10 klipp

675 kr

6750 kr

15 klipp

650 kr

9750 kr

30 klipp

625 kr

18750 kr

personal training – 85 min

price per klipp

total price

3 klipp

1050 kr

3150 kr

10 klipp

1015 kr

10150 kr

15 klipp

975 kr

14625 kr

30 klipp

940 kr

28200 kr

personal training – group

price per person

total price

3 klipp

500 kr

1500 kr

10 klipp

450 kr

4500 kr

15 klipp

425 kr

6375 kr

30 klipp

400 kr

12000 kr


Personal Training – Group

For 2, 3 or 4 persons. One “klipp” is used for one person for one session . All of the group also have to buy “Personal Training-Klipp”. The personal training session is 85 minutes long.

Payment of personal training session - You can either pay upfront or partially

Discount: 10% discount for students and members of the Bodø Klatreklubb.

Remember that a personal trainer sessions are not meant for teaching belaying technique. We have our own belay courses: “Topptaukurs” and “Brattkortkurs”.