About us

Mørkvedhallen climbing center is the largest in Norway

Few activities have a spectre like climbing. Climbing challenge both physical and mental abilities as well as stamina and technical strengths. This special mix means that experienced  climbers can get challenges on the same routes as young daredevil

Climbing is an activity for all levels; carefully start at an entry level to the more extreme as a professional.

All climbing include a risk. To make sure you have a good and safe experience at all time, you would need to read, sign and comply with our security rules.

Children under the age of 13 would need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.  The adult is responsible to comply with our security rules.

There is no need to book your appointment in advance, we accept walk in. You can find our opening hours here.


Bouldering is perfect for both kids and adults and no pre qualifications are needed.  Please be careful while standing on the grown thus you don’t get hurt by anyone bouldering.

Rope Climbing

To secure a climber you need to have a belay certificate. This rule also apply if you’re belaying a child. If you’re accompanied by a person that has belay certificate, this person can belay you.

Climbling room for kids

Our facilities include a climbing room where kids can play with our without rope. Climbing shoes are not required, but for hygienic reasons we ask you to wear socks or indoor shoes. The child need to be accompanied by an adult at all time. Only adults with belay certificate can belay during rope climbing.

Auto belay

We have several auto belays available. There is no need to book these in advance, just reach out to the reception and they are more than happy to help you. To use these, you only need 5 minute training by our staff. No belay certificate needed.


We offer technical courses as well as belay course (Brattkort). 

Happy climbing!